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Bulgaria, Horse Trainer in the 1930's

Bulgaria, Horse Trainer in the 1930's

There are many towns in Bulgaria, varying in population size from 100,000 people to just a 1,000 or so, yet each has its' own attractions, and each its' own identity. Bulgarian towns have much to offer in terms of sightseeing, shopping, culture, hotels, and generally plenty of interesting things to do. It is for this reason that we decided - after we first visited Bulgaria - that we were probably going to be town dwellers, as opposed to village dwellers. That was because we are to used to having things available on our doorstep, and at our age possibly too old to change. In fact we would later decide to buy a house in a village, but close to a town. The reason for this was that a village property cost much less money.

My long term intention is to hyperlink every town below (not an exhaustive list, but certainly the largest by population) and to be able to display some interesting high resolution photographs (old and contemporary), and to maybe point out what each particular town - and its' area - has to offer the visitor. If you are considering purchasing a property in any particular area, then I hope that information will be useful - and interesting - to you.

The towns are in alphabetical order, and have the name of the province alongside.

Town Province Town Province
Ahtopol Burgas Madzharovo  
Aksakovo Varna Malko Tarnovo Burgas
Alfatar Silistra Malo Konare Pazardzhik
Antonovo Targovishte Marten Ruse
Ardino Kardzhali Melnik Blagoevgrad
Asenovgrad Plovdiv Merichleri Haskovo
Aydemir Silistra Mezdra Vratsa
Aytos Burgas Miziya Vratsa
Balchik Dobrich Momchilgrad Kardzhali
Balgaravo Burgas Momin Prohod Sofia Oblast
Bankja Plovdiv Montana Montana
Bankya Sofia Grad Nedelino Smolyan
Bansko Blagoevgrad Nesebar Burgas
Banya Plovdiv Nikopol Pleven
Batanovtsi Pernik Nova Zagora Sliven
Belene Pleven Novi Iskyr Sofia Grad
Belogradchik Vidin Novi Pazar Shumen
Beloslav Varna Obzor Burgas
Belovo Pazardzhik Omurtag Targovishte
Belozem Plovdiv Oryakhovo Vratsa
Berkovitsa Montana Panag Yurishte Pazardzhik
Bistritsa Sofia Grad Parvomay Plovdiv
Blagoevgrad Blagoevgrad Pavlikeni Veliko Tarnovo
Boboshevo Kyustendil Pazardzhik Pazardzhik
Bobov Dol Kyustendil Pernik Pernik
Bobovdol Kyustendil Perushtitsa Plovdiv
Bolyarovo Yambol Peshtera Pazardzhik
Borovo Ruse Petrich Blagoevgrad
Botevgrad Sofia Oblast Pirdop Sofia Oblast
Boychinovtsi Montana Plachkovtsi Gabrovo
Bozhurishte Sofia Oblast Pleven Pleven
Bratsigovo Pazardzhik Pliska Shumen
Brestovitsa Plovdiv Plovdiv Plovdiv
Breznik Pernik Polski Trambesh Veliko Tarnovo
Brezovo Plovdiv Pomorie Burgas
Brusartsi Montana Popovo Targovishte
Burgas Burgas Pordim Pleven
Byala Ruse Pravets Sofia Oblast
Byala Slatina Vratsa Preslav Shumen
Chepelare Smolyan Primorsko Burgas
Cherven Bryag Pleven Provadiya Varna
Chiprovtsi Montana Pyrvomay Plovdiv
Chirpan Stara Zagora Radnevo Stara Zagora
Dalgopol Varna Radomir Pernik
Debelets Veliko Tarnovo Rakitovo Pazardzhik
Devin Smolyan Rakovski Plovdiv
Devnya Varna Razgrad Razgrad
Dimitrovgrad Haskovo Razlog Blagoevgrad
Dimovo Vidin Rozino Plovdiv
Dobrich Dobrich Rudozem Smolyan
Dolna Banya Sofia Oblast Ruse Ruse
Dolni Chiflik Varna Sadovo Plovdiv
Dolni Dabnik Pleven Saedinenie Plovdiv
Dospat Smolyan Samokov Sofia Oblast
Draginovo Pazardzhik Sandanski Blagoevgrad
Dryanovo Gabrovo Sapareva Banya Kyustendil
Dulovo Silistra Selanovtsi Vratsa
Dupnitsa Kyustendil Senovo Ruse
Dve Mogili Ruse Septemvri Pazardzhik
Dylgopol Varna Sevlievo Gabrovo
Dzhebel Kardzhali Shabla Dobrich
Elena Veliko Tarnovo Shipka Stara Zagora
Elhovo Yambol Shivachevo Sliven
Elin Pelin Sofia Oblast Shumen Shumen
Elkhovo Jambol Silistra Silistra
Etropole Sofia Oblast Simeonovgrad Haskovo
Gabrovo Gabrovo Simitli Blagoevgrad
Galabovo Stara Zagora Slavyanovo Pleven
General Toshevo Dobrich Sliven Sliven
Glavinitsa Silistra Slivnitsa Sofia Oblast
Glodzhevo Ruse Slivo Pole Ruse
Godech Sofia Oblast Smolyan Smolyan
Gorna Oryakhovitsa Veliko Tarnovo Smyadovo Shumen
Gotse Delchev Blagoevgrad Sofia Sofia Grad
Gradets Sliven Sopot Plovdiv
Gramada Vidin Sozopol Burgas
Gulyantsi Pleven Sredets Burgas
Gylybovo Stara Zagora Stamboliyski Plovdiv
Harmanli Haskovo Stara Zagora Stara Zagora
Haskovo Haskovo Straldzha Jambol
Hisarya Plovdiv Strazhitsa Veliko Tarnovo
Ignatievo Varna Strelcha Pazardzhik
Ihtiman Sofia Oblast Sungurlare Burgas
Ikhtiman Sofia Oblast Suvorovo Varna
Iskar Pleven Svilengrad Haskovo
Isperih Razgrad Svishtov Veliko Tarnovo
Ivaylovgrad Haskovo Svoge Sofia Oblast
Kalipetrovo Silistra Syedinenie Plovdiv
Kameno Burgas Syrnitsa Pazardzhik
Karlovo Plovdiv Targovishte Targovishte
Karnobat Burgas Tervel Dobrich
Kavarna Dobrich Teteven Lovech
Kazanlak Stara Zagora Topolovgrad Haskovo
Kazichene Sofia Grad Trastenik Pleven
Kermen Sliven Troyan Lovech
Kharmanli Haskovo Tryavna Gabrovo
Khaskovo Haskovo Trystenik Pleven
Khisarya Plovdiv Tsalapitsa Plovdiv
Kilifarevo Veliko Tarnovo Tsar Kaloyan Razgrad
Kiten Burgas Tsarevo Burgas
Klisura Plovdiv Tutrakan Silistra
Koprivshtitsa Sofia Oblast Tvarditsa Sliven
Kostandovo Pazardzhik Uzana Gabrovo
Kostinbrod Sofia Oblast Valchedram Montana
Koynare Pleven Valchi Dol Varna
Kozloduy Vratsa Varbitsa Shumen
Kresna Blagoevgrad Varna Varna
Krichim Plovdiv Varshets Montana
Krumovgrad Kardzhali Veliki Preslav Shumen
Kubrat Razgrad Veliko Tarnovo Veliko Tarnovo
Kuklen Plovdiv Velingrad Pazardzhik
Kurdzhali Kardzhali Vetovo Ruse
Kyustendil Kyustendil Vidin Vidin
Laki Plovdiv Vratsa Vratsa
Letnitsa Lovech Vylchedrym Montana
Levski Pleven Vyrbitsa Shumen
Lom Montana Vyrshets Montana
Lovech Lovech Yablanovo Sliven
Lozen Sofia Grad Yakoruda Blagoevgrad
Lukovit Lovech Yambol Jambol
Lyaskovets Veliko Tarnovo Zavet Razgrad
Lyubimets Haskovo Zemen Pernik
Madan Smolyan Zlatitsa Sofia Oblast
    Zlatograd Smolyan



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